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Does My Organisation Need Video?

Businesses in the 21st century almost can't survive without being online. If you like it or not, Social media and internet browsers are the forefront of most businesses. The way to success and failure is being digital even if you feel you are just a brick and mortar business. We have a range of services designed to help you get your digital presence in front of your client such as promo videos, aerial photography, product videos and also social media tuition. 

We have mastered the art of video production over the past number of years with our content being aired on huge platforms such as BBC, Sky one, Heart Radio, Reach PLC, and printed in newspapers and digital magazines over the UK. 

Be Seen And Heard

It is well known people skip text and photos whilst scrolling social media. But video holds its own by being the most watched method of content online. 

Video can be shows as online ads, social media videos, website intro videos, product videos, fundraising videos and even live streaming videos.

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The 10 Promo Video Steps

1 - The Topic

So, you want to promotional video but do you know what you want it for? Maybe a specific service or product that you're  launching. Maybe it's a fundraiser video for your charity. Or even building momentum for the holiday season for your hotel. We need to know the topic of the shoot because just turning up with a camera and filming anything doesn't really get interest, 

2 - Your Ideal Customer

Now you know what your topic is, you can figure out who your ideal customer is for this video. Who is the person you're trying to get with this video? If you're a hotel then maybe it's a mid 50's couple who are professional people who are looking for a peaceful staycation. Perhaps you are a nail salon and you're aiming to capture the interest of young women in their 20's who like to treat themselves. Or maybe you are a leaflet distribution firm and you are looking to get the attention of small business owners in your local area to help them by dropping leaflets for them.

3 - Your Budget

Before we go any further, I want you to be sure you have the money for this investment. This video will bring brand awareness, activity and interaction to your organisation but shouldn't be used as a 'last straw' attempt to get custom. For that, we have a free PDF that can help you gain traffic organically. Now, there are different ways we can create your video and that all depends on how much you want to invest in your video and how you're going to use the video once completed. The equipment we use and the software we edit your video on depends on how much your investment can stretch. We will completely max out the time we have to create the best, most relevant video possible for your audience. If you want to discuss pricing then just send us an email to book a phone call.

4 - The Style

Now we know the budget, the ideal customer and the topic we can start to look at which style of video would suit your needs better. This can either been a Screenplay Video or a B Roll Video. Have a look the Screenplay and B Roll links below to see which would suit your video more. Once you have decided, we can move to the next step. If you want to discuss which style would suit your business then just send us an email to book in a phone call or a pre-shoot meeting. 

5 - Pre-Production Meeting

This is where it starts to get real. It's time to send us an email to book in you pre-shoot meeting. In this meeting we will come and talk to you about your ideal customer, the topic, your budget, the style and everything else that we need to know before the shoot starts. We will discuss the contract for the shoot  which you can find here. We will also look at music choice in this meeting. We do this before the shoot so we have a beat in mind when we are filming. This makes editing a lot easier as we can then match the beat of the music to the clips we have filmed. If you wanted to change the music, we would have to completely re-edit the video which can be quite costly so we like to get this sorted in the pre-shoot meeting. We will also talk about timings and dates for the shoot. You might want a sunrise or sunset, you might want to film when your shop or salon is closed or you might want to shoot in the middle of a sunny day. We also discuss where the video will be hosted. that could be on social media, website or tv so we need to make sure we edit the video in the right format so it can be used on the preferred platforms.


We will discuss with you all the things you want to be shown in the video. For example, if you are a hotel and you want to show how close you are to the beach then this will be noted. Also if you are a barbers and you want extra slow motion on you fading in a skin fade, we will put this in our list. 

6 - The Shot List

We will go back to the office and go over all of the lists and information you have given us to create a screenplay. This is where we list all the camera actions, positions, if any spoken words are to be used, a shot list of each scene, and any after effects to be done too like swirling in logos or titles. 

Once we have designed this, we will email it over for you to have a glance over and if you agree with the plan, then we will next see you on the day of the shoot. 

7 - Filming Day

On the day of filming we will come with the equipment we will be using that day. We will ask everyone to sign a disclosure form to say they are ok to be filmed for your production. We will go over the script and screenplay with you to make sure we are still good to go then we shall get started with the filming. 

If you are having a Screenplay Video then we will let you know when we are ready for you to be interviewed and talk about the business. When we are finished with the filming we will wrap up and head off for the editing process. 

8 - Editing

Now this is the part when we sit in a dark room for a few days and edit all the footage together to complete the video. The editing process stick to the screenplay and script to make sure we deliver the video you want. The editing process is quite a lengthy one, much much longer than the actual filming process believe it or not. We use really powerful computers with the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV and the web to give you the best we can. 

9 - Social Media Promo Tuition

Whilst we are editing, it's time for you to do a little bit of homework. We have a Social Media Tuition programme to help toy make the most of this video. We teach you how to get it seen by your ideal client on Facebook and Instagram using a step by step guide. Once you have completed the tasks, you will be ready to put the video out there to the world and get the best results. Information in this course in to only be seen and used by the person in your business who will be implementing the strategy. 

10 - It's Time To Shine!

We will send the video over digitally through email so you have the ultra HD version. You can then put the video to it's use and watch the interactions and insights grow. 

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About Us

Mike has been creating content for businesses on social media for the past decade, working  his way up the marketing ladder. He has over 4 years of YouTube creation experience writing screenplays, filming, directing and editing using industry leading equipment and software. 

Mike is quite particular with who he works with as he has found that some businesses don't implement  the strategy that he suggests and therefore, the video or social media project doesn't work. 

Mike is a full time single parent to two young children so a lot of the creative side of the project will be done from his home such as writing the screenplay for the video, editing the video or creating social media posts. 

When you do see him, he will have a camera on his shoulder, a folder somewhere with all the shots pre planned inside it and he will be pestering you to have a microphone clipped to your collar. 

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